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Pay it Forward

By sharing your Pay it Forward story, you can inspire others to take action in making a difference. It would be also great if you could mention where in the world you are paying it forward. You can remain anonymous if you prefer. Thanks so much for taking the time to share.

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27 Stories
  1. When I was at the gas station on that Friday evening, a couple was together trying to get some money for gas for their van. It looked like they may be living in the van.
    So I told them that I would cover $20 in gas for them and that’s what happened.

  2. I gave the twenty to a homeless old man who was standing on the side of the road panhandling. I told him to buy some food with it but he told me he would use the twenty to buy a tent to shelter himself from the harsh sun which burns him and the rain which soaks him. I hope it works out well for him.

  3. Helped to save a sick baby elephant on my Facebook Causes Page!

  4. I was at a local Target, and used my $20 to purchase a store gift card. Walking out to parking lot, I saw a car in my row with a bumper sticker that read “Proud Wife of a Marine in Afghanistan”. I put the card under her windshield in a piece of paper that said, “Thank your husband for all he’s doing for our country. This is something for you, since he Pays it Forward for us every day.”
    I wasn’t there when she got it, but I could feel the smile.

  5. I used my pay it forward money to help an old friend who I haven’t seen for over 15 years. He was going through some hard times and needed $30 for a bus pass so he could start a new job and get to work

  6. Donated $20 to the water project ( on behalf of company name.
    ($10 can help one person have clean water for a lifetime).

  7. I gave it to a homeless man sitting outside of a supermarket.

  8. I wanted to spread mine out a bit, so I broke it ($20 bill) into $5 bills and over the course of a few days, gave it to Homeless Voice representatives on median strips around the area.

  9. I pass a lot of street guys up – finally saw one that had a sign “will work for $40 a day”…blessed him with it –felt he was willing to work…he was seriously grateful I thought!

  10. My daughter was in a play Joseph’s Technicolor Dream Coat with her best friend. Her friend’s parents could not afford tickets to the play for their family to go. I used the $20 to buy tickets for them to go.

  11. I gave it to one of my favorite people in the world, a bartender.
    He had a table of five and they rang up a $70+ bill, only gave him a $5.00 tip. That’s nonsense so I gave him the $20. He works too hard to get a tip like that.

  12. I gave to an attendant at a quick oil change facility. I have been going to the same facility for several years and there is one attendant in particular that has probably saved me hundreds of dollars in unnecessary work that was recommended from other mechanics. I felt it was way overdue in showing my appreciation

  13. I gave my $20 to a group that was doing a car wash. Instead of getting my car washed, I just donated the money. I think it was a school doing the car wash.

  14. Gave $40.00 to Helping Hands of Boca – an organization which feeds and assists residents.

  15. Hey Editions!

    Got a chance to participate in the pay it forward movement, and let me tell you it is very nice to see people all around doing good for the community and for individuals everywhere. My pay it forward went to an old lady at Publix towards her groceries ($20). She was much appreciated. Things as simple as buying someones gas, groceries or toll on Sawgrass goes along way. Think about our future and how we can help one another but doing simple everyday things. God is watching. Heather Marie

  16. Together me and my children picked out some crayons coloring books and puzzles from the dollar store and brought them to the Pediatric Unit along with Donuts for the Nurses.

  17. I donated $ 20 to a ONG that helps children in Brazil . – ” … In 10 years BrazilFoundation has raised over $17 million dollars and supported more than 300 social projects in Brazil in the areas of Education, Health, Culture, Participatory Development and Human Rights…”

    Thanks US Media for the initiative of having the program “Pay it Forward” to his employees. It is a blessing to all of us; since it’s by given that we receive!

  18. Pay it Forward….I went through the Drive through at Mcdonalds and paid for the persons meal behind me. I gave the Mcdonalds employee a note that said I just wanted to pay for your meal and wanted nothing in return. As I looked in my rear view mirror as I was leaving it happened to be a lady in a van with several children and it cost over 20 dollars but the tears she had running down her face made it all worth while. She now knows there are still people in South Florida that will continue to…. Pay it Forward!

    Thanks…. Doug Scott for the opportunity to Bless someone and to be Hebrews 13:2!


    Rob Jurich

  19. I attend a number of spiritual functions, including weekly healing circles that welcome all for a voluntary donation. Those who cannot pay are always encouraged to come back anyway. I spread the PIF money across a few of these endeavors.

  20. I had planned on utilizing the money for a “Help the Hungry” program being addressed at my step-daughters elementary school. However, I decided to stop at Wal-Mart across the street from the office which is something i rarely do. Typically,I’m in a rush to get home and start my weekend. When I pulled in there where two women sitting under a tree with 5 infant children….some in strollers,some playing without a care in the world. The mothers had signs that said “please help we have no way to feed our children”. I knew that it was this scenario that found me instead of me finding it. I gave the ladies the twenty awarded from U.S. Media and an additional twenty from Myself. The sheer joy and relief in there eyes was overwhelming as the women scurried to get grocery carts and shuffle through coupons as they had a plan of action. They didnt speak much English…but they didn’t have to….there faces and watery eyes said it all…

  21. I was downtown Ft.Lauderdale one evening and when I was at a red light a homeless man approached me so I gave him the $20. He really looked like he needed the assistance and was very thankful.

  22. Several months ago we were introduced to the Water Project by Allen Stubich, the owner of Midwest Pond Design, and we knew their organization was up to some good in the world.

    For $10 the Water Project can essentially provide clean drinking water to someone in a 3rd world country for their lifetime. The fact that over 80% of the world does not have clean drinking water is incomprehensible in the western world. But to me what’s worse is that we’re not doing enough to change that.

    So every chance I get I donate to the cause and feel great about knowing a new well is going up somewhere in the world with every contribution. I’ve also changed a lot of my habits around water. Less waste and more awareness. You can start your own fundraising page or simply find the Midwest Pond Design page and donate there.

  23. I have been donating to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital for many years. I was so happy to donate the $20 to this amazing cause. Thank you!

  24. Brain tumor diagnosis is something that has greatly impacted my family. I decided to ‘Pay it Forward’ to the American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA,, to help support the needs of patients and caregivers, and to fund brain tumor research. No amount is too small to make a difference – especially when it comes to improving, extending, and saving the lives of thousands impacted by brain tumor diagnosis.

  25. My partner’s 5 year old nephew, Aiden, was diagnosed with kidney cancer last December. The family is having a casino night Friday, June 28, 2013 to help with medical expenses. We added the $20 to the $100 we were already planning on donating for Aiden’s fundraiser. If you wish to sponsor a table, or simply donate, you can either contact me for more information, or contact Pit Boss Joseph Maul at Please let Joseph know you heard about Aiden from me. Thanks!

  26. As I was walking out of Publix, a Cub Scout was selling 5$ book of coupons. Instead of me just buying them, I told him I was donating the 20$ to him in exchange that HE was to choose 4 deserving people to give the coupon books to. A huge smile came across his face along with an astounding “ok, deal!” I think he just learned what “pay it forward” means…

  27. Thank you team for coming together again for the Water Project. We collected and donated $210 in just 2 days of reaching into our pockets and reaching out to give for a great cause. Pay-it-forward in Effect!